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Cleaning Pens

Cleaning circuit boards requires that you use extreme care and keep a steady hand during the task. When you want soldering supplies that will help you clean while also preventing damage, you may be convinced to use a solder cleaning pen. This flux remover pen can be purchased online for your convenience and also features user-friendly dimensions that allow it to be used in close corners and crevices on any circuit board. It also features a pen tip for controlled application. You can order the pen online, although it cannot be shipped by air.

The flux pen is shaped just like any other pen and can be held in your hand as you work on a circuit board. It contains NR205 No-Clean Flux by Alpha Metals and also is useful for spot-on soldering because of its precise application capabilities. The pen can be paired with other tools like Alpha's CleanLine 700 or any of TeleCore-Plus wire solders. You are advised to use Techspray's 2506 flux remover with this pen to get the best results. The spray can remove no-clean flux residue from circuit boards. The pen itself features an 11.5 ml size. Its price also includes a one gallon pail. Review the selections at Stellar Technical to learn more about our soldering cleaning selections and other great soldering supplies.