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Static Control

Controlling static in a work environment is very important. You can make sure that your area is free from static with equipment from Whether you are looking for an anti-static mat, a ground strap, or other selections to control electrostatic discharge, our business has quality supplies at a reasonable price. Other items we have in stock include ionizers, smocks, testers, monitors, and floor mats. It does not matter if you are looking for selections for your home work area or your industrial workspace, we have the right pieces for you.

Having items like grounding accessories, ESD area signs, or a ground strap on hand is smart. People know that a simple spark mixed with static electricity can cause terrible issues, so you can prevent issues from occurring by picking up our control and safety equipment. Shop now at and find an anti-static mat, a static shield bag, or additional items to stop electrostatic discharge from becoming a problem.