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Are You Sitting on a Pile of Valuable Solder Scrap?

Are You Sitting on a Pile of Valuable Solder Scrap?

Have you been collecting and storing Solder dross (scrap) for the last few years? Then now is the time to sell it back and get the highest possible recycling value!

With global Tin pricing rising 260% and raw Silver up 46% since June of 2020, the prices of both Tin/Lead and Tin/Silver scrap are also at their peak. Whether you have 63/37 Tin/Lead, SAC305 or Sn100 Lead-free Solder dross (pot skimmings), we can buy back your scrap and return to you the best value.

If you are storing expired or out of shelf-life new solder wire, it can also be recycled along with solder pot scrap. All waste materials are recycled at an ISO-certified and EPA-approved facility.

Therefore, if you have been collecting solder scrap and are waiting for the right time to sell or dispose of it, then that time is now!

Please contact us to receive an estimate of the value of your scrap solder.