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National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week

What is National Small Business Week?
National Small Business Week takes place April 28 - May 4, 2024. This has been celebrated for over 50 years. Join Stellar Technical Products in recognizing the hard work, ingenuity, and dedication of our small businesses and their contributions to the economy. 



 April has been National Welding Month and before the month is out Stellar Technical Products would like to discuss the difference between the two vital metal heating processes: welding vs. soldering 

How Does Soldering Join Metal?

Soldering is the process of joining two metal components together by melting solder. This soft metal alloy is generally made from a mixture of tin and copper. Depending on the type of solder it has a melting point of between 190 to 840 °F. During the soldering process, you melt the solder but not the two pieces of metal that you are joining together. 

How Does Welding Join Metal?

There are many different types of welding but they all involve the same basic principle. If you apply enough heat to the base metal components they will melt and fuse together. The temperature required to melt metal is around 6,500 °F. A filler material is often used to add some extra metal to the join. This process helps to ensure that there is enough molten metal to create a strong connection.


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