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Weller WTSF80 T0051390699 Flowin Smart Solder Feeder

Weller WTSF80 T0051390699 Flowin Smart Solder Feeder

Item #: 77-079-20
  • Efficient, single-handed soldering
  • Precise operation for highest quality work
  • Nonstick coating inside solder feed tube (no flux adhesion; save on maintenance costs)
  • Integrated start / stop / standby functions conserves energy and extends the service life of the unit
  • Amount of solder can be pre-set for efficient use. Feed motion is adjustable from 1 mm/s to 27.5 mm/s (0.04 in./s to 1.08 in./s)
  • Pulse mode: a defined amount of solder is applied each time the finger switch is pressed (LED on)
  • Normal mode: the solder wire is continuously delivered as long as the switch is pressed (LED off)
  • Compatible with Weller WD1, WD1M, WR2, and WR3M soldering and rework base stations (sold separately)
  • Compatible with 0.5mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0 mm solder wire diameters
  • Consists of WTSF80 solder feeder unit, LTB (2.4 mm) soldering tip, 80W soldering iron with integrated solder feeder

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