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Best Soldering Equipment for Rebuilding Auto Electric Parts

Best Soldering Equipment for Rebuilding Auto Electric Parts

The process of rebuilding alternators and starters begins with the “tear-down” or taking them apart to clean and replace broken components.  This requires the desoldering of stator wires and other parts.

For the desoldering process, the best approach is to generate a lot of heat quickly to melt the old solder joints for separation.  Remember to add liquid or paste flux to the solder joint that you are desoldering before applying heat. 

The two major solder equipment options are traditional heavy-duty irons or a resistance soldering system.  Following are examples of models that will work for desoldering:

American Beauty 3138 150W Soldering Iron with 3/8" 43D Pointed Tip


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American Beauty 10504 High Capacity Tweezer Resistance Soldering System


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When re-soldering clean copper wire leads and connectors, it may be possible to use a bit less heat as the new solder joints will flow more quickly than melting solder out of old, dirty parts.  For low-volume rebuilding operations, many customers like this Esico-Triton “Hot Lips” system:

Esico-Triton R23801 (JLA) PTH "Hot Lips" Light-Duty Soldering System


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  An electric soldering iron like this Hexacon P35 100W will also work well for assembling:

Hexacon P35 100W Soldering Iron



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When re-soldering the components, always use a rosin or no-clean type flux cored solder wire so that the post-soldering flux residues are not corrosive.  You can add a little extra liquid or paste rosin flux as well for a more rapid solder flow.

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