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Lead Sheet
Lead Sheet
Lead Sheet
Lead Sheet

Lead Sheet

We sell common sizes (30"x30", 3'x3', 4'x7', and 4'x8') and variable thicknesses (1/32”, 1/16”, and 1/8”). Other dimensions and custom cuts are readily available. Call for pricing and lead-time.


Some of the most common applications of sheet lead include:

Diagnostic Imaging The density of lead coupled with the ability to produce extremely thin sheets means sound reduction is achieved without interfering with the structural integrity of the building materials, such as plywood, sheetrock or concrete. Lead soundproofing can be commonly found in hospitals, recreation centers, manufacturing facilities, hotels and industrial plants.

Radiation shielding Lead naturally blocks the amount of radiation due to its density. Sheet lead can be adhered to building materials that conform to your natural layout of the room whether it is in an academic laboratory, veterinary clinic, dental clinics, hospitals, airports and industrial facilities.

Roofing Sheet lead can be molded to any shape so it can follow the natural roof contours regardless of pitch. It is durable and has a long lifespan that will outlast other roofing materials used.

Waterproofing Sheet lead is naturally waterproof and makes a great lining. The pliability of sheet lead allows it to follow the natural contour of the tank, conduit, pipe, tube, crevice, wall, floor or base material.

Corrosion prevention Lead resists corrosion due to its chemical properties. Sheet lead is ideal for lining of casings, tanks, roofs, walls or anywhere you need to protect the integrity of a location from corrosion.