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Babbitt for Spraying & Casting

Babbitt is a white metal alloy of Tin used for surfacing Babbitt Bearings or coating components.  In 1839, Isaac Babbitt of Taunton Massachusetts received the first patent for a class of white metal alloys used specifically for their bearing properties.

Tin base Babbitt alloys are considered superior to Lead base alloys for most applications because they are easier to pour and provide a good bond between the bearing shell and lining.  In this process Babbitt ingots are melted and then poured into bearing cavities, allowed to harden and then the surface is machined down to meet required tolerances.

Grade 2 (ASTM B23) is the most commonly used Babbitt alloy and is lead-free.  Johnson's E-127 Tinning Paste is used for pre-tinning cast iron bearing shells before applying the Babbitt fill coating.

Grade 2 Babbitt wire is also used for the thermal spray coating of critical surfaces including bearings, load-bearing surfaces and some electrical components.

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