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Heavy Duty Electric Soldering Irons

Heavy-Duty Electric Soldering Irons are a good alternative to gas flame soldering torches or irons.  So what makes an electric soldering iron "heavy-duty"?  Heavy-duty electric soldering irons are 100-watt to 800-watt professional tools with modular designs and fully replaceable parts.  Properly maintained, these tools will provide years of service in the field, shop or manufacturing line. 

The two major U.S. manufacturers of heavy-duty soldering irons are Hexacon and American Beauty.  Both brands are designed to be used 40 hours per week continuously with warranty coverage on both the heating elements and the iron bodies.  

300 Watt soldering irons weigh about 3 lbs and have a 7/8" wide (diameter) soldering tip providing adequate heat for soldering galvanized steel and light copper work. 550 Watt industrial soldering irons weigh about 4 lbs and have 1-1/8" wide (diameter) soldering tips able to handle copper sheet metal and all galvanized.  

When should you choose an electric iron over gas?  If you are working near flammable materials, solder only smaller jobs or just don't like an open flame, then heavy-duty electric soldering irons are the way to go!  Just plug into any 120v socket or extension cord and the iron will heat up to full running temperature in 3-5 minutes, depending on size.  These industrial soldering irons reach a maximum tip temperature of over 1000°F!

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