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Hexacon SI-700 Screw-Tip Soldering Iron, 700 Watts

Hexacon SI-700 Screw-Tip Soldering Iron, 700 Watts

Item #: 74-870-00

Hexacon Screw Tip Soldering Irons have an oversize chisel tip with the highest thermal mass of any iron tip. Hexacon SI-700 700W Screw Tip Soldering Iron comes with a wide flat T275 Tip.  Bare copper (unplated) screw in soldering iron tips are standard.  Xtradur plated tips are optional. The T275 Tip measures 1-3/4" diameter at the barrel x 3-1/2" long and tapers to a 3/4" wide chisel end. The SI-700/SI-800 iron body is the largest electric soldering iron made anywhere, weighing approx. 4-1/2 lbs including the tip. The SI-700 Iron reaches an idle tip temperature of 1125F. These large 700 Watt Hexacon soldering irons are excellent for seam soldering of sheet metal or transformer cases as well as large armatures. 110/120V is standard; call for custom 220/240V.

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