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Hexacon P550 550W Soldering Iron

Hexacon P550 550W Soldering Iron

Item #: 74-500-02

Hexacon Electric Heavy-Duty Soldering Irons are rugged tools designed for continuous operation with fast heat recovery. P550 550W Soldering Iron comes with an HT262X 1-1/8" wide full chisel tip and produces an idle temperature of 1085°F. This is the largest plug-tip type iron made and is commonly used for sheet metal soldering. Hexacon heavy-duty electric soldering irons have a heat-deflector to keep the handle cool. Other features include a precision wound element, 3-wire burn-resistant power cord, and replaceable parts. Iron ships with S12 steel cradle holder. Voltage on this Hexacon electric soldering iron is 110/120V; call for pricing on custom 220/240 VAC.

  • 550-watt iron has a 1-1/8 inch (1.125") wide chisel tip
  • Use for soldering sheet metal
  • Produces an idle tip temperature of 1,085°F in the stock 110/120 Volt version
  • Click here to learn about the pros of indirectly heated irons vs torches for soldering sheet metal

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