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Seam Soldering Training Video from the Copper Development Association

Seam Soldering Training Video from the Copper Development Association

Take a look at this great soldering skills training video from the Copper Development Association. It can be great to share with new or even your current employees.  Or just to freshen up your soldering skills.

It is really helpful and we think it can offer you some great tips!

Some other helpful tips and takeaways:

Clean the metal surface before starting:

Before you start the seam soldering, it is important that the metal surface around the solder joint is clean and smooth. Use a wire brush and cleaning solvent to remove any rough spots or dirt.

Applying the Flux

Apply the flux to the outside and opening of the seams prior to soldering.  The solder will flow only where the flux is applied.

Spreading the solder

When applying solder, the solder should run through the joint, not out of it.  The solder should cover the entire joint and make sure there are no gaps or bubbles.

Create a solder puddle and spread throughout the copper – it should flow over the edge of the seam and into the joint.

Cool the Joint and inspect it right after soldering.

After you have completed soldering, allow the joint to cool completely before inspecting it.  If there are any errors and you want to resolder, it needs to be done in the same day.   Otherwise, the solder won’t hold.

Clean the joint and surface

Finally, you want to clean the joint and surface. You can wash off the flux with water and then use baking soda to remove any residual flux.