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Open Flame Soldering v. Heated Iron

Open Flame Soldering v. Heated Iron

Open flame torches were originally designed for soldering or brazing copper pipes in plumbing, in addition to roofing torch-down projects.

While direct flame heating of copper in soldering roofing components is common in some areas of the U.S., below are some reasons it is preferable to solder with indirect heat sources such as electric or propane-heated irons: 

Advantages of soldering with heated irons:  


  • Reduction of fire hazards when close to flammable exterior/roofing materials.
  • Potential for better solder penetration or bonding of seam due to slower solder joint formation
  • Easier to control heat for lower-temperature base metals such as galvanized steel, lead, or zinc.                                                                                                     

Perkeo and Sievert are two of the most popular types of propane-fired soldering irons in the U.S. Click the links below for more information.


We offer a variety of heavy duty 300w and 550w electric irons for your use: