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Which Electric Soldering Iron Will Do The Job?

Which Electric Soldering Iron Will Do The Job?

For job site installation of solder flashings, gutter and roof components, gas-fired soldering coppers are not always convenient or safe.  Many roofers will instead find it easier to use a heavy-duty electric soldering iron.

Soldering irons capable of soldering sheet metal components range from 250 watts to 550 watts, with either a flat chisel or a diamond pointed soldering tip.

Below is a guide to choosing the right model:

For soldering galvanized steel:

Use either a 250 watt iron with a 5/8 “diameter tip or a 300 watt iron a 7/8” diameter tip.

250 Watt Electric Soldering Iron 

Iron Weight Maximum Tip Temperature
250 Watt 2.5 lbs. 1,100° F
300 Watt 3.3 lbs. 1,050° F


For copper soldering:

Use either a 300 watt iron with a 7/8“diameter tip or a 550 watt iron a 1 1/8” diameter tip  

Iron Weight  Maximum Tip Temperature
300 Watt 3.3 lbs. 1,050° F
550 Watt 4.7 lbs. 1,050° F


Which Electric Soldering Iron Should You Choose?

Select the largest electric iron that you feel most comfortable holding: the higher the wattage – the heavier and longer the soldering iron will be.

Which Tip Style - Chisel or Diamond Point is Best For Your Job:

  • If you’re soldering mostly flat lap seams, choose an iron with a flat chisel tip for the largest surface area and best heat transfer.
  •  For soldering gutters or boxes, choose an iron with a diamond-pointed tip for a better reach into the corners.

Take a look at the selection of our heavy duty electric soldering irons that are available to make your work more efficient and safer!