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What Is The Best Flux for Stained Glass?

What Is The Best Flux for Stained Glass?

When you are soldering stained glass, flux is a necessary component in the process.  Flux is a chemical agent that is used both to clean and join the metals.  While solder fills the gaps between the pieces, flux removes the oxide layer so the solder can bond more readily.

Flux, due to its activators, is also a wetting agent.  Not only does it get rid of the dirt and extra film, but it helps increases the wetting of the solder so it can flow much more smoothly.

Why Do You Need To Use Flux?

Flux has different functions in the soldering process: it helps to clean the metal by removing the contaminants and oxides, it keeps your soldering area free of oxides until the solder melts and covers the attachment area and its wetting agent helps to spread the solder correctly over the surface.

How Do You Choose the Right Flux?

Of course, choosing the right flux is important to making the best solder joint for your particular job or project.  Flux comes in many different forms: inorganic or organic acid water-soluble, rosin, or no clean.

Any flux you choose will have some acid and the flux will need to cleaned or removed after you are finished soldering. The best flux for your project should be strong enough to clean any remaining oxides, but not attack the stained glass pieces after.

What is the Best Flux for Stained Glass?

The best flux for stained glass is a gel flux that has a thick enough liquid to wet and shine the solder seams when you hand-solder copper sheet metal or copper foil between the stained glass pieces.


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You also want to choose a flux that won’t stain the copper before you have a chance to wipe it clean when soldering.

That is why our own Classic 100 Gel Flux is ideal for stained glass.  It makes the soldering process that much easier.   It is the perfect flux for soldering stained glass copper and copper sheet metal.

The Classic 100 Gel Flux does the following:

  • It doesn’t create a mess and stays where you put it.
  • No smoke and low odor to make soldering more comfortable and safe.
  • It can be cleaned with water.
  • It helps to prevent lumps when soldering.

By using this type of flux, it will make the soldering process that much easier and will help your stained glass project look top notch.

Just like most flux, after you have finished your soldering, make sure to clean off any flux residue that is left over. 

For stained glass, our own Classic 100 Gel Flux is ideal to get you the ultimate soldering experience.