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E-127 Tinning Paste - 4 LB Jar

E-127 Tinning Paste - 4 LB Jar

Item #: 12-527-04

Johnson's E-127 Tinning Paste is a blend of pure Tin powder and flux. This tin solder paste is used for pre-tinning cast iron bearing shells prior to applying Babbitt as well as for the restoration of antique cars before adding body solder. E-127 has a melting point of 450F and the flux residues are water soluble. E-127 Tinning Paste comes in a 4 LB jar.

  • Tinning paste for prepping metal surfaces to accept solder or Babbitt coating layers
  • Contains pure tin powder and is lead-free
  • 450°F melting point
  • Flux residues clean off in plain water
  • 4 lb net wt jar measures 4-1/2" dia x 6-1/2" high

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