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160-190 Low-Temp Fusible Alloy

160-190 Low-Temp Fusible Alloy

Item #: 11-160-10

160-190 Fusible Alloy is a super low-temperature metal alloy containing Tin, Lead, Cadmium and Bismuth that has a melting range of 160F - 190F. 160-190 Fusible Alloy expands during solidification, giving good gripping action for anchoring metal fixtures for machining, as well as for thin-walled tube bending. This low temperature alloy is also used for casting fuse links in fire sprinklers and safety plugs as well as for radiation oncology shielding blocks.  160-190 Fusible comes in 1.0 - 1.5 lb ingots and is sold by the LB. Please contact us indicating how many lbs you would like to buy and we will weigh your order at time of shipment, charging you only for the actual net weight, billed to the 10th of a pound.  This alloy is in stock in our CA warehouse.