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Perkeo Soldering Unit Less Tank
Perkeo Soldering Unit Less Tank

Perkeo Soldering Unit Less Tank

Item #: 95-200-44

Perkeo Portable Propane Soldering Unit Less Tank is a unique torch that combines the versatility of a portable flame with a traditional copper for indirect heating of sheet metal surfaces. Perkeo Soldering Unit is extremely rugged but lightweight and easy to move around the shop or carry to a job site. This version of the Perkeo Soldering Unit comes without a propane tank so you can use your own, larger tank. Perkeo Portable Propane Soldering torch consists of a Perkeo Torch with 350 gram pointed copper tip, 10' hose, regulator, flux bottle, wrench and striker. Shipping weight is 9 lbs.

  • Portable Propane System comes without L.P. tank, but with 10-foot L.P. hose and Regulator - connect to your own larger propane tank
  • Rugged Perkeo Torch comes with a 350 gram pointed Copper tip
  • System also includes a Flux bottle, Wrench and Striker
  • Ships all together in one 9 lb box by UPS or FedEx ground
  • Click here to learn about the pros of indirectly heated irons vs torches for soldering sheet metal

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