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Surface Disinfectants & Hand Sanitizers

Reduce bacteria and viruses that can cause disease with our surface disinfectant cleaners, hand sanitizer, and other antibacterial products. Our waterless alcohol hand sanitizer gel is available in two refill sizes.  Use our Strike Bac hand gel to keep your employees, customers and family members safe.  Strike Bac antibacterial liquid hand soap comes in bulk gallons to refill dispensers in retail, restaurant, office, factory or home restrooms as well as handy 18 oz pump bottles.  

Our collection of industrial-strength surface disinfectant wipes and high-purity alcohol disinfectant products have the strength to clean and disinfect hard surfaces such as work surfaces, counters, door knobs & handles. Our high-purity 99% and 70% isopropyl alcohol disinfectant supplies and alcohol blends can be used straight or with our pre-saturated wet wipes.

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