SuperStar Order Management Services (SSOMS)

How SSOMS works:

Stellar works with you to provide strategic solutions against supply chain disruptions and unpredictable demand forecasting. We will oversee the vendor logistics, and you focus on your production line.

 Blanket Purchase Orders

Secure your supply chain and streamline procurement. Send us a purchase order with scheduled release dates and quantities, and we guarantee to have the stock to deliver.

Stocking Agreement

Maximize your business potential with our hassle-free stocking agreement. Let us manage your optimized inventory, ensuring product availability and flexibility when you need it.

This includes product obsolesce (outdated, unavailable, or incompatible with newer technology or standards) and End-of-Life products where they may no longer be supported, maintained, or sold by the manufacturer.

Stellar Managed Inventory

Utilize a personal service that proactively consolidates your inventory needs at multiple points in the consumption and order replenishment process, offering efficiency in fluctuating supply and demand patterns.

Save on freight delivery by taking advantage of our Stellar Delivery Service! Terms apply- inquire within!

 Group Buy

As a SuperStar member, you will have access to further bulk discounts on our most popular stock.

Speak to your Customer Account Specialist today about getting the best options for your project.


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