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Why Use a Gas Iron for Soldering Sheet Metal?

Why Use a Gas Iron for Soldering Sheet Metal?

If you are looking to purchase a soldering iron for sheet metal, there are a lot of choices to consider.  You could purchase an open flamed soldering iron or even a heated iron.  However, if you are looking for a gas-powered soldering iron, there are many advantages to consider.

Gas irons are generally used for dip-soldering ladling alloys or armatures into molds.  Gas soldering irons can also be used to hold the following alloys: solder, pewter, and other white metal alloys.

Below are some of the key advantages of using a gas iron for soldering sheet metal:

1. Gas irons are portable

A gas soldering iron is typically cordless which makes them a good fit to use for outdoor or even remote work locations.  Because they are cordless, they are portable since there isn’t a need for an electrical outlet.

2. Gas irons heat up quickly and provide more temperature control.

Gas irons have the ability to heat up quickly, which allows you to start working sooner and more quickly to get the job done.  Electric irons, on the other hand, take some time to warm up to the desired heating temperature. 

Further, gas irons can provide a more precise control over the temperature which is advantageous when soldering sheet metal.  This can help to prevent overheating and/or damaging the piece that you are working on.

3. Gas irons are better to use in remote locations

Gas irons are a great fit when an iron needs to be used in a location where there isn’t electricity.  Further, because gas irons don’t have power cords, it makes it easier for you to move around while soldering and there is a lesser chance of damaging the power cord.

Further, when using a gas iron, the chance of an electric shock is eliminated, which, of course, improves the safety of the iron as well as your employees.

4. Gas irons also cool down more quickly

Gas irons tend to cool down more quickly when turned off which again makes them safer and more efficient.

While gas irons have the above advantages, they do have some limitations.  Because gas irons rely on disposable or refillable gas containers means you need to have a big supply of gas on hand for prolonged use.  Therefore, the costs associated with the gas and the gas iron tools can be more expensive compared to electric soldering irons.

When choosing a gas soldering iron for your sheet metal job, consider the needs of your project and the type of work you will be doing to determine if the gas iron is the best fit for you or your application. 

Please feel free to reach out to our technical support team if you would like to purchase a gas iron or just need some help! 


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