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Sheet Metal Solder & Soldering Equipment

Soldering copper, galvanized or stainless steel sheet metal?   Whether you are soldering pot metal on a job site or in the shop we have the best sheet metal soldering supplies and tools for you!

Traditional soldering of both plumbing pipes and roofing parts using a Solder alloy made from 1/2 Tin and 1/2 Lead (50/50 alloy) dates back to the Romans two thousand years ago.  This solder was also used to connect the stained glass pieces in all of the famous cathedral windows of the middle ages.  Today, 50Sn/50Pb alloy is still the most common solder for joining fabricated segments of copper or galvanized steel to make flashings, gutter, valleys and flat-lock roof systems.

Lead-free solder for sheet metal and lead-free solder for roofing is typically used when working on a municipal or government project such as a school, city or county building.  We stock the most commonly used lead-free alloy 97/3 Tin/Copper solder in sticks and bars for using on these jobs.  

You have a choice of soldering equipment based on electric or gas heating methods. For smaller jobs or in areas where an open flame is not practical, heavy-duty electric soldering irons are your best option.  For large seam-soldering projects or for a dedicated soldering area in your shop, gas heated irons will be more efficient.  Choose from a variety of propane (L.P.) heated torches or a Johnson natural gas heated furnace to heat coppers (copper irons). 

Our most popular sheet metal solder items are here in this section - for more supplies and replacement parts see the full collection under Sheet Metal Soldering Materials.

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