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American Beauty 105227 Heavy-Duty Tweezer Soldering Handpiece

American Beauty 105227 Heavy-Duty Tweezer Soldering Handpiece


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American Beauty 105227 Heavy-Duty Tweezer Handpiece is a more durable version of the 105127 Tweezer for larger power units and higher-volume production soldering. American Beauty resistance soldering tweezers are typically used in auto electric tear-down (desoldering) and assembly, as well as for soldering antenna leads, cable and electrical assemblies. The 4' long 6 AWG cable on this version has brazed ring terminals for attaching to a 105B2 1100W power unit (not included) or similar power supply. 105227 Handpiece comes with #10594 .125" diameter (1/8") copper-clad stainless steel electrodes. Electrodes are spaced 1/2" apart maximum.

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