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Johnson 200 Gas Pot, 7" diameter, 50 lb Capacity

Johnson 200 Gas Pot, 7" diameter, 50 lb Capacity

Item #: 76-200-00

Johnson Model 200 Gas-Fired Metal Melting Pot is suitable for dip-soldering armatures or ladling alloys into molds.  The Johnson 200 Furnace Pot is capable of holding white metal alloys such as solder, pewter, Babbitt or zinc molten at 800-1000F without optional temperature controller. This solder preheater hooks up to a 1/4" pipe gas connection. This alloy melting pot can be ordered for either natural gas or liquid propane (L.P. gas). The furnace comes equipped with a Johnson Auto-Blast Bunsen burner. Crucible measures 7" ID x 5" deep and holds up to 50 lbs of metal. Made of heavy gauge welded steel with rugged cast iron legs and top rim. Overall height of pot / furnace is 21" and shipping weight is approx. 84 lbs.

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