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American Beauty 3198LT 550-Watt Soldering Iron Less Tip

American Beauty 3198LT 550-Watt Soldering Iron Less Tip

Item #: 75-319-83

American Beauty Heavy-Duty Electric Soldering Irons are professional tools designed for both craftsmen and high-volume production operations. American Beauty 3198LT 550W Iron comes without a tip so you can choose your own tip for branding or soldering. Model 3198 is the largest American Beauty iron made, weighing 3.75 lbs, measuring 15" long (with tip installed) and producing a max. tip temperature of 1010°F. 3198 550W Electric Soldering Iron is ideal for sheet metal soldering operations where an open flame is not practical. This iron has a Ni-Chrome wound heating element, burn-resistant grounded power cord and modular design for easy repair. 3198LT ships with a steel cradle stand. 110/120V is standard; custom 220/240V available as option.

  • 550W Soldering Iron without Tip - add your Tip or branding die separately 
  • Buy this Iron without tip if using it for branding

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