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Hexacon SI-35H 100W Hatchet Soldering Iron

Hexacon SI-35H 100W Hatchet Soldering Iron

Item #: 74-035-05

Hexacon Electric's Powerhouse Irons bridge the gap between small pencil irons and larger industrial irons. Hexacon 35H 100W Hatchet Soldering Iron has an idle tip temperature of 1125F. The unique hatchet design ("H" Series) feels lighter and more comfortable to hold. The 35H is popular with stained glass and giftware designers due to it's perfect blend of weight and tip size. If lower tip temperatures are desired the iron can be connected to an optional temperature controller. The 35H Iron has a long-life precision wound element and 3-wire burn-resistant power cord. This 100 watt hatchet soldering iron is modular for easy repair or element replacement. Hexacon 35H 100W Iron uses 5/16" diameter tips, ships standard with the HT506X tapered chisel shape which is 1/4" wide at the end and comes with a wire rest stand. 120V is standard; call for 240V custom pricing.

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