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Alpha HiTech SM42-120P SMT Epoxy Adhesive - 30cc Syringe

Alpha HiTech SM42-120P SMT Epoxy Adhesive - 30cc Syringe

Item #: 03-100-10

Alpha HiTech SM42-120P SMT Epoxy is a one-part thixotropic high-temperature epoxy adhesive excellent for both stencil or hand-dispensing applications. Non-slumping formula, strong tack and fast heat cure make SM42-120P the best choice for SMT assembly. Holds strong during wave soldering. Red color. Fast-drying SMT adhesive comes in a 30cc EFD-type syringe.

  • Apply by Stencil with Squeegee or Hand Dispense
  • Strong tack holds components in place during wave or selective soldering
  • Cure at 120°C for >120 seconds, or at 150°C for >80 seconds
  • Rework or remove SM42 epoxy with hot soldering iron >750°F
  • This item is a 30cc syringe

Alpha's SM42-120P Epoxy replaces EpiBond 7275 and EpiBond 7275-1 SMT Epoxy.

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