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Edsyn FX300 "Fuminator" Fume Extractor, without Hoses

Edsyn FX300 "Fuminator" Fume Extractor, without Hoses

Item #: 99-750-30

The FX300 Edsyn Fuminator is a powerful fume extraction base unit that can support up to 4 operators with optional 50mm arms and 2 operators with optional 75mm arms. The FX300 Edsyn fume extractor is powerful enough to control fumes from solder pots and heavy soldering operations. Airflow = 188 cfm with filters installed. Unit weighs 33 lbs and measures 17.7"H x 13"W x 12"D. FX300 comes standard with XF300 pleated Pre-Filter /Main Filter for 95% filtration down to 0.5 microns. Use optional XF2502 HEPA Filter for filtration down to 0.5 microns. Add the FXS7518 75mm flex extraction arms with funnel for each operator.

  • Heavy-duty fume extraction system for 1-4 operators
  • Comes with standard XF300 foam filter - order optional XF2502 HEPA or XF2503 Gas Filter for other applications
  • Arms with ducts sold separately
  • Weighs 33 lbs, measures just 13" x 12" x 17.7"H
  • 58 dba noise level
  • 188 cfm with filters installed

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