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DDM NOVASTAR GW-10HT Gold Wave Solder Fountain

DDM NOVASTAR GW-10HT Gold Wave Solder Fountain

Item #: 75-610-61

DDM Novastar's GW-10HT Gold Wave Lead-Free Rework Solder Fountain is a benchtop selective solder machine used for the removal and replacement of through-hole components and connectors on circuit boards. This benchtop wave solder fountain has a microprocessor digital controller that regulates solder temperature, wave height, and solder flow duration. The GW-10HT flow solder machine measures 16" wide x 26" deep x 17" high, weighs 30 lbs empty, and holds up to 40 lbs of lead-free solder. Warm-up time is 30-45 minutes. This lead-free benchtop wave solder machine has a maximum solder temperature of 350C and requires 15 amps on 120V or 8 amps on 220V. The controller can store up to 10 different menus. Various shapes and sizes of wave solder nozzles are available separately (Nozzles not included). This selective soldering machine usually ships 1-2 weeks after placing your order.

  • Tabletop Solder Fountain can run both Leaded and Lead-Free Solders
  • Use for rework of through-hole components and connectors on circuit boards
  • Has digital temperature control, wave height control, and foot-switch control
  • Wave solder equipment measures 16" W x 26" L x 17"H and weighs 30 lbs empty
  • Solder pot holds 40 lbs of lead-free to fill; approx. 46 lbs of 63/37 Tin/Lead alloy
  • ** Ships WITHOUT NOZZLE ** Must order wave nozzles separately **
  • Ships by truck in wood crate - Contact us to place an order so we can quote you shipping charges accurately <<<