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Kolver FAB12RE/FR-Promo Set, Electric Torque Screwdriver, 1.8 - 10.6 in.lbs

Kolver FAB12RE/FR-Promo Set, Electric Torque Screwdriver, 1.8 - 10.6 in.lbs

Item #: 86-010-17

Kolver FAB-series are the electronics industry's most popular torque drivers. FAB-series electric torque screwdrivers have advanced ergonomic design, high accuracy and an ESD-safe housing. The motor works in combination with an EDU1FR control unit (sold separately) to cut the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque is reached. The torque is set externally using an adjusting nut to change the clutch spring compression. Low voltage 30V DC motors have high performance and long life. 

Model FAB12RE/FR has a torque range of 1.8 - 10.6 in.lbs and is designed for an M3 screw size. This electric torque screwdriver comes with a Lever Start, weighs 1.1 lbs and is 8.9 inches long. Comes with an 8-foot long connection cable and a suspension bail.

This electric torque screwdriver promotional set includes an EDU1FR Controller at no extra charge.

** Due to supply chain issues this tool currently has an 8 - 10 week lead-time.

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