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Luma 631 Soldering Power Unit, 2500 Watts

Luma 631 Soldering Power Unit, 2500 Watts

Item #: 73-631-00

Luma 631 2500W Power Unit is a powerful control unit to attach resistance soldering handpieces. Luma 631 connects to any Luma soldering handpiece and can run two or three handpieces simultaneously. 631 Power Unit has a 6-stage selector switch with three secondary terminals for 18 power settings. Luma 631 Power Unit measures 8" x 10" x 10" and weighs 35 lbs. This 2500-watt unit requires 23 amps on a 120V line. Luma 631 is a power unit only; no handpieces are included.

Looking for a Luma 631 Power Unit ?  We've discontinued it and replaced it with the better priced American Beauty 105D1 Power Unit pictured here. (just enter 105D1 or 75-105-06 in the search bar to see pricing and a description). 105D1 can be used with any Luma soldering handpiece with ring terminals on the cable.