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Sil-Fos 5 Brazing Rods, 1 LB Tube, Lucas-Milhaupt 95060

Sil-Fos 5 Brazing Rods, 1 LB Tube, Lucas-Milhaupt 95060


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This is the 5% Silver bearing alloy designed for general purpose brazing with large gaps. For copper-to-copper joints the phosphorous in the Sil-Fos serves as the fluxing agent and no separate flux is necessary. Use to join copper, brass and bronze products. Sil-Fos 5 brazing rods contain 89%Copper/5%Silver/6%Phosphorous. This alloy has a solidus of 1190°F, a liquidus of 1495°F and a flow point of 1325°F. Lucas-Milhaupt 95060 is a 1 lb. tube of silver solder rods measuring .125" x .050" x 20" long.

  • Sil-Fos 5 Brazing Alloy containing 5% Silver
  • Sil-Fos 5 alloy has Solidus of 1190°F, Liquidus of 1495°F, flow point of 1325°F 
  • Flat Rods measure 0.050" thick x 0.125" wide x 20" long
  • Price is per Each 1 LB Tube of Rods
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