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Solder Analysis - Lab Test on Alpha Lead-Free Alloys

Solder Analysis - Lab Test on Alpha Lead-Free Alloys

Item #: 89-100-02

Use our Lab Testing services to get a highly accurate report on your Solder material for ISO or AS9100 compliance programs or to confirm inventory quality. The Pot-Rite Lab Report shows the actual contents of your sample along with a comparison to the required specification. Testing is performed at Alpha Metals' industry-leading laboratory. When you purchase this service we provide you with instructions for preparing and shipping your sample; the final Lab Test Report will be Emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your sample.

Pricing shown is for testing common Alpha lead-free alloys such as SAC305, SACX0307 and SnCx.  Non-Alpha alloys such as Sn100C will have a higher lab test price.  Contact us for testing of Sn100C and other custom alloys.

This item is the Lead-Free solder sample analysis lab report.  Contact us for instructions on how to prepare and where to send your sample.