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Waage Electric MP20A-6-1 Solder Pot, 5" Dia x 4"Deep

Waage Electric MP20A-6-1 Solder Pot, 5" Dia x 4"Deep

Item #: 75-610-21

Waage Electric MP20A-6-1 Round Solder Pot has inside pot dimensions of 5.0-inch diameter x 4.0-inches deep. Waage Electric's heavy-duty round solder pots feature a heavy cast iron crucible wrapped with fiberglass insulation in a steel jacket to minimize heat loss. The MP20A-6-1 has 1250 watts and a dial thermostat with a temperature range of 200°F - 850°F maximum. This Waage solder pot holds up to 24 lbs of tin/lead solder and 20 lbs of lead-free solder.

  • 5.0 inches (127 mm) inside pot diameter x 4.0 inches (101 mm) deep
  • Holds up to 24 lbs Tin/Lead alloy and 20 lbs of Lead-Free solder alloy
  • Can run lead-free or leaded solders
  • Dial controls temperature from a range of 200-850°F - can run continuously at a maximum temperature of 700°F
  • Uses 1250 watts of power

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