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Weller WR3000TAN 3-Function Digital Rework Station

Weller WR3000TAN 3-Function Digital Rework Station

Item #: 71-500-16
Weller WR3000TAN Digital Rework System handles both through-hole and SMT soldering and desoldering. With 400 watts of power over three independently control channels and air + vacuum ports you can use up to three tools simultaneously. The WR3000TAN has a rotary vane pump to make its own air and produces 1L/minute-15L/minute. Temp. range = 150F - 850F. The large, intuitive LCD display shows critical functions for all three channels. WR3000TAN comes with the HAP200 200 watt Hot Air Pencil (without nozzle) , WP80 Solder Pencil with LTB iron tip, and the WMRTMS Micro Rework Tweezer. The WR3000TAN can also be connected to the Weller WVP Vacuum Pen, WMRT Micro Rework Tweezer and other Weller tools (not included).

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