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Why Summer is a Great Time to Try ALPHA® WS-826 Solder Paste

Why Summer is a Great Time to Try ALPHA® WS-826 Solder Paste

Summer is around the corner and is the ideal time to try our Alpha ® WS-826 Solder Paste.

The Key Attributes are the following:

It has a longer tack Without Slumping Under Warm Conditions

This new water-soluble version stands up to summer temperatures!

It has an excellent stencil life performance at extreme environmental conditions (30°C, 70% RH)/  The stencil life can last up to 8 hours, even at conditions above; tack life of over 24 hours

This water-soluble paste is highly cleanable with batch & inline aqueous systems after 1x and 2x reflow

It has a consistent and repeatable print process window and is available in SAC305 in Type 4 and Type 5 particle sizes.

The Assembly processes that can gain from the ALPHA® WS-826 Solder Paste are the following:

  • Environments that are hard to control, such as a warm or humid SMT area
  • SMT processes that require a more stable water-soluble paste formula for consistent printing
  • SMT boards that need to be cleaned in water after a 2nd reflow

Would you like to evaluate a Sample of ALPHA® WS-826 Solder Paste in SAC305 Type 4?

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