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Alpha 148691-0005, EF-6100 No-Clean Soldering Flux - 5 gal Pail

Alpha 148691-0005, EF-6100 No-Clean Soldering Flux - 5 gal Pail

Item #: 69-353-06

Alpha Metals' EF-6100 Flux is a high-reliability alcohol-based No-clean wave soldering flux for both tin/lead and Lead-Free assemblies. EF-6100 exhibits a low tendency for solder ball generation over a wide variety of solder masks and also is well-suited for Selective Soldering operations with longer dwell times. EF-6100 is designed to be applied by spray methods. IPC J-STD-004 Class ORL0. EF-6100 has a solids content of 3.8% with an Acid Number of 24.0 and contains a small amount of resin leaving only a low level of non-tacky residue after soldering. This item is a 5 gallon pail.  Alpha item #148691-0005.

*This product is classified as a hazardous material for shipping purposes and will require a HAZMAT fee in addition to standard ground charges. Refer to our Shipping Policy for current fees.